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Want to create the perfect mood and setting in every room in your home Customize your lighting using our bulb finder.

Meet our family of LED

Google + GE = A simpler smart home.

Smart lighting is now even smarter. C by GE bulbs connect directly to your Google Home products with no additional hub. Simply download the Google Home App and connect to your C by GE smart bulbs. Easier is always smarter.

Google + GE

The right light for every space.

From warm and cozy to cool and invigorating to enhanced clarity, our series of high definition LED bulbs provide the optimal lighting for the right spaces in your home.

    The LED Difference

    Here are a few reasons why LED is the future technology of lighting鈥攃ompared to CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs.

    Money Saving

    Upgrading one fixture to LED can save nearly $7 per month.

    Energy Efficient

    LED uses 85% less energy than halogen and 18% less than CFL.

    Instantly Bright

    LED reaches full brightness instantly, with no flicker or warm-up.

    About GE Lighting

    GE Lighting is the consumer lighting division of General Electric. We specialize in creating optimal lighting solutions for every space in your home.